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Clay Talks episode #1: Marialaura Rossiello

Raw earth is a contemporary building material: beautiful, hypoallergenic, versatile. Matteo brioni’s earth is the result of a meticulous pre-selection of clays and aggregates originating from various territories and blended together to obtain chromatic, tactile, and functional qualities that fit. Earth is the most ancient of building materials. The history of earthen architecture corrisponds with the history of humanity. Earth as a building material is a compound of clay and natural aggregates, simply left to air-dry, with no firing necessary. Local earth, mixed with water, has given shape to entire settlements – built in pisé, in adobe, with structures in earth and wood, in blocks of compressed earth – naturally healthy and integrated with the surrounding context. Earth is a contemporary material: beautiful, hypoallergenic, versatile. As in the past, the mixture is simply made by adding water to make bricks, compounds for slabs, fills, plasters and finishes, creating spaces and surfaces of ageless textures and beauty. The earth mixtures may also be used with additives, such as mineral or synthetic binders in order to obtain continuous horizontal and vertical coatings with different degrees of mechanical resistance to abrasion and water.

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